About the brand

Cafe de Paris is a beautiful french inspired cafe. An old Bungalow restored to become old charm beauty filled with garden seating and romantic vibes. (More to be added here)

Cafe de Paris Content Reel from Catalyst Creators on Vimeo.

The Campaign

In the season of Thanksgiving, we introduced the concept of Fortune Cookies. Every customer received a fortune cookie with a special fortune inside.

This became an Interesting property and people started sharing in Social. This picked up on trends and the word spread out and more footfalls were observed during this season.

Customers regularly posted about this in social media and organically this spread out.

What Worked

1. People loved the surprise of the Fortune cookies and the special fortune inside.

2. This became a regular property for the brand to repeat every year.

3. Customers came to know more about this concept and they waited for this season in the coming years.